AKMPRN Enrollment Portal


Thank you for your interest in the Network’s Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) Program.

Please choose the appropriate link above to begin the enrollment process for tank vessels, individual nontank vessels, or the Network’s new “fleet enrollment” option for nontank vessel fleets.

Please note the following:

  1. All individual nontank vessel enrollments take effect immediately, are invoiced at the time of enrollment, and expire 12 months after the enrollment date.
  2. Nontank and tank vessel “fleet enrollments” take effect immediately (all vessels in the fleets can cite participation in the Network’s APC immediately upon enrolling). Invoices will be sent for each vessel in the fleet only upon entering one of the APC zones on their first voyage beginning or ending with a US port call. Once invoiced, each individual vessel will not be invoiced again for a minimum of 12 months. The Network is currently offering a discount off of the published vessel fees for “fleet enrolled” vessels.

The Network is enthusiastic for the upcoming year and certain that over time this process will streamline future enrollments for all participants.

Click here to access offline enrollment forms.