Vessel Enrollment Portal


This enrollment form is only to be used for tank vessels as defined by 33 CFR 155 Subpart D.
This enrollment form is only to be used for nontank vessels as defined by 33 CFR 155 Subpart J.


Thank you for your interest in the Network’s Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) Program.

Please choose the appropriate link on the left to begin the enrollment process for Nontank or Tank vessels.

Please note the following:

  • The Network has recently updated the portal and has streamlined the online enrollment process.
  • All nontank and tank agreements are now considered "evergreen" and remain continuously valid for ease of compliance.
  • All vessels included in an enrollment can cite participation in the Network's APC immediately upon receiving the Network Certificate of Compliance.
  • All enrollments take effect immediately and you will now be given the following invoicing options at the time of enrollment:
    • Invoice all or selected vessel(s) on enrollment immediately.
    • Invoice vessel(s) only upon entering the Network Coverage Area on a voyage beginning or ending with a US port call.
  • All invoices cover vessel(s) compliance for 12 months from the invoice date.
  • Upon receipt of the signed enrollment agreement, the Network will provide directions on all procedures and required documents.

Click here to access offline enrollment forms.

Network Nontank Coverage Area
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